Lizette offers unique immersions combining her background in Bowen therapy, Kinesiology and Yoga. They are designed to calm and nourish your nervous system to aid in the processing of dis-ease, stress and body held tension.

In this two hour immersion you will be gently guided through a therapeutic Yin Yoga sequence by Lizette whilst receiving hands-on treatments crafted in response to the intention of the session, and the individual needs of each participant. Sound and mindfulness are incorporated in the healing process, are are a range of other tools.

Lizette has been treating people of all ages as a Bowen Therapist for 6 years and incorporating Kinesiology for the last 3 years into her treatments. She has been teaching yoga across Melbourne for 10 years. As a trained kinesiologist she has a great interest in the how the emotional body influences our physicality in body held tension and stress related dis-ease. She has found her own interpretation of these healing modalities and has created The Neuromuscular Reset.

These immersions are effective tools to gently invite the body to let go and allow deep healing by working in the connective tissues. This is particularly useful for sensitive souls, sensitive bodies and is particularly useful for anyone who experience stress and anxiety.

What is Yin Yoga?

A Yin Yoga practice consists of a series of long-held, passive floor poses that target the yin connective tissues, such as ligaments, bones and joints. The poses are held for up to five minutes, sometimes longer. These yin tissues are usually not addressed in yang styles of yoga asana and allow the space and time for deep meditation and inward listening.

This deeply healing immersion is suitable for all practicing levels..

While gentle in application, this bodywork is very powerful and has a period of integration time of 24-48 hours. It is advisable after this immersion to have a peaceful evening and a quiet following day with gentle movement and plenty of rest and water.

To allow maximum benefit, participants are strictly capped at 10.

To find out about upcoming immersion dates please check the events page, or contact Lizette directly.

Yoga Studio managers and owners are welcome to request an immersion or series of immersions throughout Victoria.